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D Academy Fellow Talks Grit – Lydia Varela

Lydia Varela is a 2015 D Academy fellow. Varela and seven other D Academy fellows put it all out on the Naked Stage to discuss grit. 

NOT how Lydia got her groove back but How Lydia Got Her Grit!
GHG = Gotta Have Grit

    • GHG: when you’re raised in a home full of women; mom left school at 13 in the 3rd grade, grandmother illiterate could only spell her name
    • GHG: when you only meet your father once in your life & didn’t know it was him until he introduced himself as such
    • GHG: you’re the 1st in family to graduate h.s. & go to college; graduated h.s. on a Friday night & left Sunday morning – never looked back!
    • GHG: when you never stepped foot on any college/university campus until the day you registered for your Fall semester classes
    • GHG: you take initiative to get involved and serve in leadership roles
    • GHG: when you give yourself to someone, marry him and it doesn’t work out
    • GHG: when you join a major corporation, grow, learn, evolve and become the subject matter expert
    • GHG:  when you leave a high paying corporate job to explore something else
    • GHG: to manage fear!
    • GHG: to reinvent yourself!
    • GHG: when you create something, fail, fail again, pivot, adjust and make it happen bigger & better
    • GHG: give yourself permission to try something else
    • GHG: when you evolve that something else and facilitate the Xchange of conversations, connections, ideas and resources
    • GHG: to review options
    • GHG: to say YES! (Includes a new haircut)
    • GHG: to be HAPPY!
    • Hay que tener valor! – GET GRIT

— Lydia Varela

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