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Cinematic Narratives of the Holocaust

There are a wealth of documentaries that chronicle the events leading up to World War II, the conditions of camps and ghettos across Europe, and biopics of major Nazi officers and heroic resistors; however, the cut and dry nature of many documentaries fails to convey the emotional and psychological aspects of the war, the politics, and the will to survive….

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For Further Reading

The Anne Frank companion books chosen for Big D Reads are just a few examples of the great literature written about the Holocaust, Hitler and the Nazis. These are some others we recommend: Maus I&II by Art Spiegelman (ages 15+) A tale within a tale, Maus tells the story of a Jewish survivor of Hitler’s Europe and his son, a…

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Big D Reads 2016 Examines the Holocaust

Hate. Hope. Persecution. Strength of the Human Spirit. Generosity and Betrayal in Wartime. These are the themes running throughout Anne Frank’s diary, a written warning to a future that still grapples with issues of hate and intolerance long after we should have learned the lessons of World War II and the Holocaust. But beyond the circumstances of her life, Anne Frank also…

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